About Us

Ahab is a global online casting platform that helps Content Creators find and hire exactly the right Actor for any voiceover project. Originally developed in 2015 as an internal tool for Penguin Random House’s audiobook producers, Ahab has expanded to include users who cast for video games, internet videos, podcasts, animation, documentaries, and more. The Ahab platform was created by producers for producers to streamline the entire voiceover workflow—from talent discovery to audition to offer—in one place.

The name “Ahab” tips to the platform’s literary origins in the publishing industry. In Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick, Captain Ahab searches obsessively for a single great whale. As Content Creators, we too are always seeking that one perfect voice for each role.

On Ahab, Actors are exposed to casting professionals and jobs all over the world. We built Ahab to break down the barriers between Actors and the people who make hiring decisions, and to create a more inclusive and representative industry.

Agents are an integral part of the casting process. As we built the platform, we met with Agents from multiple countries to get their feedback and incorporate their needs into the Ahab ecosystem. We invite Agents to join the platform, connect to their clients’ profiles, share lists of clients, and message with Content Creators, view and recommend public auditions, and field offers on behalf of their clients.

Aligning with our community values, we offer free educational and professional development resources. The Ahab Breakdown is a live monthly virtual event series that features topical discussions with industry experts. Watch past episodes and other expanded content on Ahab’s YouTube channel.

Welcome to Ahab.